Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Island Fun

Some of our Fish Soaps for Upcoming Island Shows
Well, we have been busy busy busy-so busy I haven't had time to even write anything...And, well, maybe I forgot the password to the blog...but we've really and truly been busy busy busy...That's for sure!
We are gearing up for three shows on South Padre Island in February. If you are anywhere in the area, please come see us...Well, go to the beach first, and THEN come see us!

On February 2, 2013, We will be at SPICE, South Padre Island Chili Expo...Actually, it's a CHILI & BEAN COOK OFF! It will be held at Louie's Backyard on South Padre Island. Are you kidding me? Chili and beans?  and Louie's Backyard? Three of my favorites! I'll have to sneak out of my booth and try some of those entries! They are also having a little "mercado" outside, a series of vendors selling various wares. That's where we will be. Look for us. And the event is for charity...Did I mention that? A breast cancer charity...Walk for Women....We are so pleased to be a part of it. And we even have a Pink Warrior soap in honor of this.

Then, on February 9, we will be a vendor in the Winter Outdoor Wildlife Expo! This is a HUGE event! This is their 19th year, so you know it's gonna be a hit! The event is open all day, from 8:00-4:00 at the South Padre Island Convention Center. Check out their facebook page for a look at their program. It's amazing!

Winter Outdoor Wildlife Expo

The raptor guy is going to be there. Do I need to say more? I'm seriously going to have to tie David down in my booth if I'm going to get any help from him at all....He will definitely NOT be thinking about soap...

 Then, as if that's not enough...on February 10 we will be at the annual SPI Farmer's Market Local Food and Beer Celebration! The emphasis is on LOCAL...There will be live local music, locally brewed beer, baked goods, kettle corn, falafel, Texas honey and olive oil, grass fed beef, lots of produce...and did I mention SOAP....ha...LOTS OF SOAP! We even have a beer soap made with Texas beer. How cool is that? Actually, we have two beer soaps...and we have fish soap,  soap for fishermen to attract fish, and lots of beachy themed soaps, like Soap of the Sea, which has kelp in it, Dunes, Sand Castle, Sea Gull, etc...you get the idea...We have much more in person than we have on our website, so if you're local please come and see us. Smelling is free!

This is our popular Soap of the Sea...This is one of the soaps that we have a hard time keeping in stock...It features kelp, dead sea clay, avocado oil, avocado butter and lots of other great ingredients. It should be available in February.

Then, we will be debuting our new deodorants...well, actually we have already shown them at the SPI market. They were a great hit!

I have been wanting to make a deodorant with no aluminum for a long time, and we finally did it...We have two types. The first one is made with a baking soda base and the second one has a cocoa butter and tea tree oil base...We call our new line Padre Pits...ha..The deodorants come in two sizes, a trial size and a regular size. We will be putting these on our website soon. The white one is scented with spearmint eucalyptus and the second one is an orange spice.

A Healthier Deodorant-no aluminum

Oh! Can't have a local food and beer celebrations without BEER soap can you? yep...we've got that, too....two varieties....Here's one of them...the other one is still curing....it'll be ready just in time for the event, though!

We will also have shaving soaps and a few hand turned shaving brush handles, turned by my husband...maybe....probably maybe...a definite maybe...The thing is...he has a real job...so he makes them when he can, if he can...but when he does, they sell like hotcakes...If he gets really energetic, he might also have some hand turned pens...Check them out if you get to visit our booth.

Of course, every Sunday you can find us at the South Padre Island Farmer's Market from 11:00-1:00. If you haven't been there yet, you really need to try and visit. It's  hard to describe the fun of shopping at a farmer's market with a backdrop of parasailers floating in the breeze, the sounds of sea gulls serenading you and the smell of the ocean filling your nostrils...It's just a magical experience...and the produce, of course..yes, they have that there, too...

They have every kind of produce that you can imagine (in season)...and it's organic....and usually heirloom..and so so interesting...I mean, you can find black tomatoes, purple cauliflower, just a plethora of interesting varieties that you will never see in a grocery store...and the kettle popcorn...mmmm...and even fresh eggs and grass fed beef...oh, and there's a honey lady...and baked goods...and LIVE music...what more could you want? I should have been born a beach bum....It's really quite a place.
And every other Saturday, when we are not participating in a show, we are at the Brownsville Farmer's Market...which I'll talk about another time...also a fun place to visit...right next to the zoo...You can hear the....another time....adios