Saturday, July 16, 2011

Casablanca Blah!

Well, there is a movie called Casablanca...and I hate it...hate hate hate it....It ranks right up there with cockroaches...Cockroaches still win, but I really don't like Casablanca...and, of husband likes it.
Now, this has never been a big bone of contention between us-until now...because of what he decided to do.

He decided that it would be charming to have a soap called Casablanca...I reminded him that I HATE HATE HATE Casablanca and would never want to have any soap named after it...So, he decided to put in the MAN section, you know, the section that I have little or no input in...and call it he did...and he even threw in some pumice for good measure.

Well, that should be all I say on the subject, but I'll say a few more words...First, I'll show you what it looks like.
There! Oh,'s beautiful...but I think it's ruined by being known as  Casablanca...sigh...

Do you like it? Go ahead and go to our web site ( and buy it then...See if I care...Why don't you just rent the movie while you're at it? Then, you can watch Casablanca and cry and watch some more and cry again and then you can wash your hands all night long...and your hands will be as clean as a whistle...and I will still hate Casablanca...
Sorry I just had to get that out of my system.

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